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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Abstract of our Picnic (River Cruise) 2010

I was awake the whole night. I posted on my tech blog how to do a little hack on Google Talk to connect with yahoo/msn etc & other tech things.

So it was risky to sleep at this time if I miss the picnic. Hence at 6:30am I did my breakfast and mades some calls to some of my friends over cellphone. They just started their journey from their residence to the Department. When I reached the dept. there were only Abdullah and at the same moment Samiullah (Compiler)(batch friends) came there. Soon Bappi, Ishtiaq, Sonia, Asha, Mak(batch friends) and many others joined us.

[Click image to zoom]

Company was good, we were having fun. Then someone got hungry. We went to have some breakfast in real because it might be late when the organizers of the picnic will distribute the breakfast among us. So I had a little breakfast. In the meantime many of our classmate friends have come. Making some delay the bus comes. Though it was scheduled to start the journey from dept at 7:30AM it started actually from 9 as always it takes.

We took our seats at bus while the Chairperson Madam of our dept was amongst us. She was taking care that we are not intervened from making our fun right still being with her around. The bus starts! What a fun!! Whoa! The journey just started..

We got off from the bus at Sadarghat. The place gave an welcome to us with rotten smell of Buriganga river’s water. We got into the launch. It was really fun and amazing experience for the people who got into launch for the first time!

Anomalous Blackish Water of Buriganga [Click image to zoom]

The launch was half an hour still at the bank. Meanwhile we were upset seeing the worse condition of water of our river. The “Buri” is almost dying and the bad smell is just its ambience. At about 10:15am the original river cruise picnic started. Some of the friends were scared about water talking about some other kind of picnic which could be better. I was just happy to gather with all and to have fun together. Moreover water does not feel competitor to me but a natural friend.

So some scientists invented this holy blessing camera thing with which everyone got into celebration in no-while, the fun of never ending poses and photo sessions. Obviously facebook will help swallowing some of our time soon on huge amount of to-be-uploaded images.

Unknown troller floating around [Click image to zoom]

I looked outside. Some machine-driven trollers, boats and launches were coming around our launch and going until they fade away. Water was still black. And the prevailing development of civilization was still there occupying water space of Buriganga and other places where trees could be. We don’t save the nature, nature won’t save us definitely.

Reflecting Sunlight on the river water [Click image to zoom]

Passing underneath the bridge [Click image to zoom]

Evolution image, char in Meghna Ghat [Click image to zoom]

The place we are going which is actually a “Meghna ghat” is not so far from urbans. Hence I missed the bucolic beauty I expected to see and enjoy. Anyway no offense, we came to have fun we’d make it out of it. Some were playing cards and one of our teachers has enhanced the fun joining us. Events were being held on the free space of the middle floor in the launch. There were interesting games and events.
  • Fultukka Game
  • Movie Movie
  • The Legend, Pillow Passing
  • Unveiling Magic Box
  • Basket Ball

The participations of teachers and students from novice to old made these events more attractive. An amazing lunch was given at the time when we were under the open sky enjoying the motion of the lunch against the wind. I was talking about Byron, his innate talents of poetry & his personal life with another good friend of mine named Newton. The freedom of mind is in being lost in the wild.

On the bank of Meghna [Click image to zoom]

On the bank of Meghna [Click image to zoom]

The rest of the time we all kept ourselves amused each other and before returning to our own domiciles we made sure along with the dept that females are escorted right. Because 21st is tomorrow and there are little transportation complexities in the campus created just now and its night.

Sunset [Click image to zoom]

I don’t know how I made it with a sleepless night but it was really amazing, wonderful.

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