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Friday, March 4, 2011

Traditional Life -- part 01

Every year time comes for every dept student when they feel a spirit, spirit to get a decent job. Before this moment days were similar. They were vivid. Hanging out with friends, having fun on occasions like new Year, new spring. Then, a moment cannot hurt because you are never alone, friends surrounding you like a shield from the awkwardness of life. Adventuring places, getting some time out of stress in University life may turn moments into paradise. But when the transition from student life to job life occurs paradise is lost! Every moment becomes hell. A ceremony isn’t even ceremonious; a moment of joy isn’t even joyful. A selfish paradise comes back when target is achieved. Since then definition of paradise changes. When a success comes out of unity it looks divine. But when you are separated your success looks like selfish. But my friend success is success. Reality is selfish, it always was.

There is a saying “when you are student you are in a river but when you embrace a job you are in a sea!” I felt it very much when I looked into the outside crowd of people at my first day sitting in a bus. People were moving. They fought to get into vehicles to reach their destination. There were women, there were men. There were different colors. There were people of different ages. Everyone’s living their life. We are busy with our lives. Everyone has to reach their destination in time. I missed something in these very precipitations of life. Can you guess it?

I asked myself what is that I am missing I’m not being able to assemble? It asked me “are you getting into trap of traditional life?”

To be continued …

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