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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Linux Wallpapers - 1

I used Linux for a long time and I enjoyed. Those days there were always some wallpapers beside me to make the Desktop more beautiful. Now I'm thinking to share them with those good quality images that always made me cool. I think it will be fun. I have added couple of other wallpapers along with Linux wallpapers. I hope you'd enjoy them.
Downloading is easy. Simply click the image that you like to download.

Wallpaper-1 Matrix Revolution

Wallpaper-2 Invaluable Illustration

Wallpaper-3 Linux Logo, Penguin Inside

Wallpaper-4 Fedora Core Logo

Wallpaper-5 Natural Scenario (Gnome)

Wallpaper-6 4 Elements

Wallpaper-7 Fedora Core 8 Blue

Wallpaper-8 Fedora Ball Shapes

Wallpaper-9 Fedora Mac

Wallpaper-10 Fedora Mountains

Wallpaper-11 Natural Scenario

Wallpaper-12 Another Natural Scenario

Wallpaper-13 Natural Scenario 3

Click here to continue to Linux wallpapers collection 2

If you find these wallpapers good to use with other Operating Systems feel free to do that. All credits go to the community.

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